Friday, May 7, 2010

There's Something Fishy Here

I love themes, and I love it when someone's passion becomes absolutely quirky. I figure, if you love something, take it all the way.

On our recent trip, we stayed in Fish House Inn in Daysville, Oregon. The owners of this place obviously have a thing about fish.

Dr. Lobo, Wild Child, The Blonde, and I stayed in the "Main House," where we were thoroughly entertained by our surroundings. The antiques were interesting, but the fish--well, the fish collection was fascinating.

Join me for a quick tour.

Junior, our "grandbear," got hung up on the fish stuff even before we got inside.

The kitchen probably had the most fish.

I was particularly fond of this pot holder.

There was no shortage of fish shaped dishes or serving platters.

Not all of the fish lived in the kitchen. Plenty of others could be found throughout the house. (And many of them didn't even get photographed!)

Even the ceiling fan pulls were fish shaped!

Not everyone would be as amused as we were, but I appreciate the creativity. How many standard rooms from hotel chains will you remember through the years? This was a great break from the usual traveling fare. Let's hear a cheer for the eccentric collectors of the world!


Joan said...

I love it!

We stay at a lot of chains when we travel because husband likes to know what he's getting. But one place we stayed at last year on the OR coast was not a chain,very eclectic, and one of my favorite places.

drlobojo said...

OK! Next time you bring up my accumul...I mean collections, I'm going have you read your own blog about this.

Oklahoma Granny said...

It's all in the details - or fishtails in this instance. What a great place to stay!

Kim Rogers said...

What a neat place, Jeannie! Thanks for sharing.