Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Land is Your Land

You've probably noticed that Dr. Lobo and I love to travel. Our recent trip lasted 22 days and covered more than five thousand miles. We visited eleven different states before returning to Oklahoma: Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Most of that time, however, we were in beautiful Oregon, where Wild Child and The Blonde live. We wish they lived closer to us, but we're grateful for the excuse to head west.

Our route on this trip offered incredible diversity. We spent time in the high desert, mountains, forests, and prairies (although not in that order). We drove through vast open spaces, tiny villages, and cities. We sat beside rivers, lakes, and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. We marveled at the variety of colors, landscapes, vegetation, and animals. We saw unusual sights and met interesting people.

Although spending time behind the windshield can become tiresome, it is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes we listen to audio books as we travel. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we play music. (And sometimes, when we're in an unfamiliar city and don't know where we're going, we snap at each other. But that's a topic for another time.)

Often one of us drives while the other catnaps. I absolutely love those times when Dr. Lobo sleeps and I drive. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, I listen to music and let my mind wander. I solve problems involved with plot and characterization. I pray, think about difficult situations and consider possibilities. I relive memories and give thanks for my many blessings.

I’m grateful that my family introduced me to the pleasures of traveling when I was a child. My parents often wondered if it were worth the trouble, since I spent most of the time reading comic books instead of looking out the window, but eventually their efforts paid off.

I realize that we're fortunate to have the time and resources to explore our beautiful country. I wish everyone had these opportunities.

Road trips aren't as efficient as flying, but much more enjoyable. We don't hassle with delayed flights and security checks. We don't rub elbows with strangers on the plane. We can set our own schedule, stop to check out whatever catches our attention, and feel the road as the wheels on the car go round and round.

Dr. Lobo is already studying the atlas and making plans for our next trip.

(Dr. Lobo gets credit for the photos. I was too lazy to put them into geographical order. If you're curious about the location of any of them, ask.)


Joan said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. =)

Thank you for the book. It's perfect!

Carol said...

I like all your photos!

Gayleen said...

Love all the photos!
BTW, are those chipmunks or prairie dogs? (either way, they sure are cute...)

Okie Book Woman said...

Joan, I'm glad you like the book. I think it's a great one, and I'm betting you'll put it to good use with your students.

Carol, as you can imagine, those are only a few of MANY photos he took.

Gayleen, those are prairie dogs. They were VERY friendly!