Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Old Mark Twain Gets a Makeover

My last teaching assignment before retirement was at Mark Twain Elementary. The building is even older than I am. But during the last couple of years, it has gained an addition and received a makeover. Last week I attended the ribbon cutting celebration and Open House.

Here's what the building looked like in 2008 when I retired.

Now it has a new part that looks like this.

And here's the pretty part that connects the old with the new.

There are lots of exciting changes at Mark Twain. The addition includes a computer room with enough computers for every kid in the class.

There's a beautiful new library.

A colorful hall has given Mark Twain new life and excitement.

Speaking of color, life, and excitement, take a look at some of the student art work. Mark Twain has always had wonderfully creative, artistic kids.

After the special assembly, the Mark Twain community celebrated with a balloon release. (Thanks to principal Sandy Phillips for the next two photographs, as well as the photo of the ribbon cutting.)

Congratulations on your beautiful building, Mark Twain. You're looking good!

May your students continue to soar to great heights.



Carol said...

I love that hallway! And the library, of course, is very nice.

Silver Strands said...

Wow - the whole building looks great, but for me the LIBRARY is the winner!