Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Cat and a Catastrophe

We have been providing foster care for Vivienne, our daughter's cat, for a few months. Vivienne is beautiful, and she's very sweet. She has a few bad habits, however, such as her practice of seeking out extremely high perches. Several times she has climbed far up our huge pecan tree or onto the rooftop of our two-story home. When she decides to come down, Vivienne suddenly realizes how high she has climbed, and she freaks out. At that point, she emits pitiful sounding meows, and backs away from anyone who tries to rescue her.

Yesterday, on her first birthday, she celebrated by once again climbing the pecan tree. Dr. Lobo took this video of her adventure.

Then Dr. Lobo enlisted my help. In this video,you will hear how stupidly I talk to my cats. (I didn't know he was recording.) You will also witness what happens when a very big man trips over a wagon tongue and falls. Either because he's dedicated to his video art, or because he was too shocked to react, he just kept filming.

He doesn't seem to have broken anything, but he is very sore. (He is also rather sore at Vivienne.) That cat is definitely hazardous to his health.


For Dr. Lobo's report of this incident, go here.


Carol said...

Oh dear. Well, she gives you lots of things to write about.

Silver Strands said...

hahahaha ... lots of work, that cat is! Thanks for the visit to my blog and for your very sweet comment. Good luck with your foster cat. You must be a VERY patient person!

Anonymous said...

I spent a stormy Sunday afternoon blog-hopping and followed the crumbs to your blog. Like you, I am a retired educator, an Oklahoma, and an avid writer. Enjoyed your blog!

Liz (aka Ninny)