Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How I Became a Cat Woman, Part Four

One night while Little Guy still lived with us, a phone call disrupted our peaceful life with our three cats. The Blonde, also a cat lover, called to ask a favor. She and Wild Child lived in an apartment complex, and someone had moved out and left an almost grown cat to fend for himself. The Blonde and Wild Child would have been happy to take him in, but they had A Very Weird and Difficult Cat Who Did Not Play Well With Others. The Blonde decided that someone should take the abandoned cat to a No-Kill shelter. Since she and Wild Child both had day jobs and were unavailable to do that, she thought perhaps one of us would do it.

Dr. Lobo and Little Guy agreed that one of them would take the cat to a shelter. The Blonde and Wild Child had been keeping the cat in their bathroom (safe from their cat), and Little Guy volunteered to pick him up that night.

When Little Guy returned with the long, lean, and very nervous cat, he announced that he had been thinking about getting a cat when he moved to his own apartment. He thought he’d see if he and the abandoned cat bonded. If they did, he would keep the cat. If not, he’d take him to the shelter.

This cat is no dummy. He spent the night sleeping on Little Guy’s chest. They bonded—big time. By morning, the cat had a name. There was no more talk about a shelter.

Although Hektor has been a good “people cat,” he hasn’t always gotten along with his “siblings.” I’ve heard much more hissing since Hektor joined the family. He and Veto are still arguing over who is the Alpha Cat. Vern was too decrepit to join in that battle; he didn’t care who was Alpha Cat, as long as he didn’t have the responsibililty. Visa steers clear of Hektor.

Little Guy calls him “Adventure Cat.” This cat likes to explore. He sometimes wanders a bit too far from home, and occasionally he comes home with signs of an altercation with another animal.
But he is sweet and cuddly. He sleeps at our feet (or sometimes on top of one of us) most nights and spends a lot of time in laps.

Hektor likes the computer. He is becoming a wonderful writer's cat. (Veto is letting him take on some editing responsibilities, but he retains the title of Best Computer Cat.)

Yes, he is still with us, even though Little Guy now has his own apartment. When he moved, he decided not to take Hektor with him, since “it would disrupt his social life.” We didn’t complain. We’ve grown fond of the adventure cat.


cynthea said...

Precious! I just want to hug them!

drlobojo said...

You forgot to mention that he has serious ferral traits such as longer claws, very long canine teeth, long legs and a yard long tail.

Stacy Nyikos said...

He looks awfully cute :-) That's so neat you have company, furry company when you're writing.