Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hosanna in the Highest!

Today was Palm Sunday. At my church, we had a parade, led by a couple of small donkeys. The donkeys are a big hit with the kids.

Today was a cold and blustery day, so some of our members skipped the parade, but a hardy bunch braved the weather to enjoy the experience. We grabbed palm branches and followed the donkeys across the high school parking lot and up May Avenue. We didn't have to wave our palm branches. The wind (that comes sweeping down the plain) waved them for us.

We gathered at the front of the church to let the photographers take pictures. Most people in my photos seem to be looking at the other photographers instead of at me.

Then it was time to go inside for worship. The acolytes lit the candles and the children processed down the aisle waving palm branches.

The children gathered at the front of the church for the children's moment with our pastor.
Our pastor talked to the kids about Palm Sunday and encouraged them to wave the palm branches. They didn't need much encouragement. Palm branches can certainly be exciting!

Holy Week has begun.


drlobojo said...

Monday morning, or maybe Tuesday, we set an all time record low temperature for April in OKC. It shows up in the these Christmas, ah er, Easter time pictures. On to Jerusalem.

Kristin Roberts said...

Hi there! It's nice to meet you. Well, via blog anyway. Those donkeys are adorable. Oh, and your cat's very cute, too. My dog Chamois thinks she has to help me write. And by help my write, I mean lay on me and scoot me away from wherever I want to be sitting.