Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

My life changed forever thirty-five years ago today. On March 12, 1974, I became a mother.

In many ways, I was unprepared for the changes that come with motherhood, but what surprised me most was how I fell completely in love with that eight pound baby girl. I’d always liked kids, but I didn’t know how different having my own child would be. I didn’t know I’d be swept off my feet with love. (Yeah, I know, “swept off my feet” is a big time cliché, but clichés work well because they describe the situation perfectly.)

Sweet Girl made us feel successful. We thought she was so good because we were such good parents. Her younger brother completely shattered that myth, and we were forever humbled. We quickly learned how lucky we were to get such an easy little girl. (Interestingly, she was a low-maintenance child, but turned into a high-maintenance young adult. Kids will get you, one way or another!)

Raising her was fun. She was shy, but smart, talented, and happy. She was a wonderful big sister, even though we eventually figured out that she manipulated her brothers on occasion. Sweet Girl enriched our lives immeasureably.

But being her mother is even more fun now. Sweet Girl has done well in life. She married a fine man who loves her dearly, and she’s finishing a second master’s degree in May. She has a multitude of talents and she amazes me with her intelligence and creativity. Most importantly, she’s a kind and loving person. I am so proud of the woman she has become.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. I love being your mom.

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