Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I Miss About Teaching

I visited my old school on Friday. The classes were having Valentine's Day parties, so it was a good time to talk with my former students and coworkers. My fourth graders are now fifth graders, of course, and it's amazing how much they've grown in a year.

I love fourth graders. They are no longer little kids, but they still try to please the teacher (most of the time). Most of them are self-confident, and they are willing to try new things. They are developing very distinct, unique personalities. My students were very affectionate, and I received hugs daily. Sometimes they even told me that they loved me.

Kids that age will tell the teacher their thoughts and feelings. It's an honor and a privilege to be trusted by a ten year old. I miss that a lot.

I'm posting some photos. About half of these kids were my students last year. You will see more girls than boys. In this particular group of kids, there are more girls. Also, the girls were more willing to pose for me. I got a few pictures of boys, but a lot of them weren't good. They moved too fast (some of them were in P.E. shooting baskets, and they didn't want to stop and pose) or they looked goofy. (Ten and eleven year olds can look very goofy!)

Take a look at these cute kids. Aren't they wonderful?

No, I don't miss getting up early, making lesson plans, staff meetings, recess duty, or the stress. But I sure do miss the kids!

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Anonymous said...

J, Enjoying your blog. Too bad there's not a happy medium with teaching--it's either all or nothing. I think I'd like several days a week and be off to travel when I want!!! Do you think I'll ever get that? I doubt it. Your Frederick sister-in-law.