Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Reason It's Good to be Retired

On Tuesday afternoon, when tornadoes visited Oklahoma, I had another reason to be glad I’m not teaching. My part of Oklahoma City didn’t get much action, but other parts of the metropolitan area had scary moments and damage.

I’ve lived in Oklahoma long enough that tornado watches and even warnings don’t freak me out, although I don’t take them lightly. You want to know what really freaked me out on Tuesday? Oklahoma City, Putnam City, and Edmond schools (and maybe others) went into “lockdown mode.” Tornadoes were dancing around the area at afternoon dismissal time, so school administrators decided to keep all kids in the buildings until the bad weather passed. I could imagine the nightmare it must have been for teachers to keep their little darlings for an extra hour or two. Let me tell you, by 3:00, it’s hard to decide who most needs to escape, kids or teachers. Kids are tired and restless, and teachers are exhausted and out of patience.

I said little prayers for all of them every time the TV weatherman announced the lockdowns. I thanked God that I wasn’t sitting in the hall trying to keep twenty fourth graders calm, orderly, and entertained.

Did teachers get bonus pay for the extra hours of work? Of course not. Hear this, loud and clear: TEACHERS ARE NOT PAID ENOUGH FOR ALL THEY DO!

Okay, end of soapbox. Just had to say it. Thanks, Oklahoma teachers, for taking care of our kids.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading Sonny's War. Hope you enjoyed it.

Valerie Hobbs

Okie Book Woman said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Val. I enjoyed Sonny's War. I was in college in the late sixties, and you did a good job of using that turbulent background for your characters.

I like your blog, too. I'll be checking in on you occasionally, and I'll read some of your other books.