Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How I Became a Cat Woman, Part Two

Once I loved Veto, it wasn’t hard to become fond of another cat. A couple of years after Veto came to live with us, Dr. Lobo discovered a half grown calico hanging out in our back yard. When he saw her trying to eat a bumblebee, she stole his heart. He concluded that she was hungry, so he began to feed her on the sly. As we all know, once you feed a cat, she will not go away.

At that time both of our sons lived with us. One day we were all out in the back yard when the calico showed up. We each admitted that we had been feeding her. Even The Blonde, who was dating Wild Child at the time, had fed her. On that day we decided to bring her inside and formally adopt her. Veto was actually rather fond of her. They quickly became buddies.

The Visa credit card folks had a popular slogan around that time: Visa, everywhere you want to be. We soon discovered that the calico was always everywhere we wanted to be—on a chair, a bed, or the floor where we tried to walk. So of course her name became Visa.

Visa makes friends with some unusual characters. Here she is with her double.

And here she is with her pet iguana. (No, he's not real. If he were, she'd be chasing him, not sleeping next to him.)
Visa continues to find interesting places to hang out, and we have many photos of her in unusual locations. Even though Veto is my favorite cat, I have to admit that Visa is definitely the most intelligent cat we own. (Or should I say “the most intelligent cat that owns us?”)
Here are a few of her favorite places.

Visa tends to be more aloof than our male cats, but she can be quite affectionate. Here she is enjoying an afternoon nap with Little Guy.
She especially loves Dr. Lobo. She seems to know who saved her from a bumblebee diet.

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Carol said...

Visa! I love how each of you were feeding her.