Friday, January 8, 2010

Yet Another Reason I Love My Cats

Part of me hates to admit it, since only a decade ago I would have considered the whole idea disgusting, but Dr. Lobo and I often sleep with at least one cat.

There’s something really sweet about a small, furry animal curled up next to me. It reminds me of those days of “the family bed” when at least one precious baby shared our sleeping space. Actually, except for those times when they crawl across your body, cats make better sleeping buddies than babies or toddlers, since they tend to stay in one place without moving for long periods of time. If there’s one thing cats do well, it’s sleep.

This week, I’m welcoming any or all of my cats into my bed. Like most places across the country, it’s cold here. Temperatures have stayed in the teens or low twenties, with some dips into single digits. And of course in Oklahoma, the wind comes sweeping down the plain, driving those wind chill temperatures below zero. Baby, it’s cold outside!

Yes, cats can be a bother. They hiss and chase each other through the house. They present dead mice and birds to us. Worse, they bring wounded mice and birds into the house, where they bat them around and chew on them before moving in for the kill. They leave hair everywhere.

One cat follows me and cries for food every time I walk into the kitchen, even if I fed him five minutes earlier. That same cat, who happens to be my favorite in spite of his many faults, snores. Yes, snores.

Still, on these frigid nights, I adore my cats. I’m almost tempted to adopt a few more.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Our inside fur kids sleep with us too - one of the reasons that we bought a king size bed when we moved into our new house. The 3 of them like to sleep right up against us. That's really nice when the weather is as cold as it has been.

Stay warm this weekend.

Joan said...

I love the last picture! Your tuxedo cat is adorable too.

Mr. Dumbles thinks he is my night-time lover boy.

drlobojo said...

I am not exactly all that thrilled to have the world know that my wife (not to mention myself) sleep in the same bed as cats.

Okie Book Woman said...

Hubby is worried that my readers will think that the lady in the last picture is me. It isn't, I promise. But it was such a great photo that I thought I had to write an entire blog around it. This is sort of like that assignment when the teacher gives the students a photo to look at and tells them to write about it.

Joan, the tuxedo cat (Veto) is my favorite. He's a brat, but I love him.

Marla said...

LOL...I love this post!! Our bed is full of little scroungy dogs. The cat is too good for us.

Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, Jeanie! My cat Princess and toy poodle Percy both sleep with me. Princess puts her head on my shouder and puts her arm around my neck. Percy sleeps on my legs. We allow my hubby to sleep on HIS side of the bed, too! Love your pictures. D

Melinda said...

That is so funny!! AND dont think I didnt notice the picture above your bed! Awesome..I always love that picture and others like it. Lets our bed every night are two dogs and a cat! I dont mind but sometimes HE does..oh well..