Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Sunny Shores

On Tuesday night, I finally received a fortune cookie message that was absolutely accurate. It read “A vacation to sunny shores is soon in store for you.”

As predicted (and already planned), we left for Corpus Christi on Wednesday. Why Corpus Christi? It’s warm, even in January. And we have never been here before.

What are we doing? Our hotel is on the beach, with chairs on a deck. We have spent a lot of time just sitting there, enjoying the gulf waters. We can be incredibly lazy people.

We’re also eating entirely too much chocolate. I’m not mentioning any names, but a certain preacher told me about a candy factory in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. I guess I can’t really blame her for leading me into temptation, but we checked it out on our way south. Bedre Fine Chocolate makes a very fine chocolate covered potato chip.

Before I leave this place, I hope I get a fortune cookie message that says “A return to sensible eating is soon in store for you.” But until then, we’re enjoying our vacation on sunny shores.


Joan said...

I am so jealous! The beach and chocolate potato chips? You have died and gone to heaven for sure!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Not sure when you're returning home but next week's forecast for NE OK includes some of the white stuff. Soak up that sun and enjoy the chocolate!

Marla said...

What a nice vacation. I think I will have to talk Bob into following your lead.

drlobojo said...

Sensible eating? So for Sunday Brunch why did you avail yourself of the flowing chocolate fountain and cover all of your fruit in a double/triple layer of chocolate?
A jog on the beach may be in order for tomarrow morning.

Parsley said...

I've been by your blog before and here I am again. Hello from another 'okie'.

Yes, Bedre's is a great place. At one time they had a mini factory here in our town. Now they have a storefront only.