Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not So Reassured Now

For nearly 34 years, I've felt reassured by the fact that a fire station stands only two blocks from my house.

Lately, not so much. That fire station stands only one block from this house.

Do you have one of these handy?

Just saying.


Oklahoma Granny said...

We have several fire extinguishers. Because we live in the country my husband has a big water tank with a pump and the whole thing is on a trailer. We live almost equidistant between 2 different volunteer fire departments and we belong to both. With the chance of wildfires in the country we think it's best to belong to both so whoever can get to us first does. Lately there have been a lot of pastures on fire close enough to us that we can see the flames. Most are being carefully watched but it doesn't take much for a fire to get out of control. It's a scary time of year here with the high winds we've been having. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Joan said...

Oh my! Yup, I have a few fire extinguishers handy. We depend on a volunteer service and pay an annual fee.

Kim Rogers said...

Jeannie, so glad you posting this. Yikes. Thanks for the reminder. We used to have a fire extinguisher. I need to head out NOW and buy one...

mountain mama said...

wow, i've seen that fire station! i wonder where they were? on another call maybe? that's very odd.

i've never seen the labrynth thingy before...very interesting indeed.

love the quote abut ADD!!