Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bricktown Water Taxi

We've had the canal boats, or water taxis (taxies?), in Bricktown since 1999, but like most people, we haven't checked out some of the tourist attractions in our own city. So when Sweet Girl and The Writer visited us last week, we decided to head down to Bricktown. It was a beautiful spring day. (This is Oklahoma, so of course winter returned this week, but on that day, spring was in the air.) Flowers were blooming and ducks were enjoying the sunshine. The redbud trees were gorgeous.

We enjoyed the sights from our water taxi, and our informative and humorous guide offered lots of fun facts about Oklahoma City.

Wonderful murals covered brick walls along the way.

We saw bridges . . .

and waterfalls . . .

and statues.

It was a fun ride. If you haven't yet experienced the Bricktown Water Taxi Ride, I encourage you to give it a try.


Joan said...

We are going to take a staycation to Bricktown with the girls this summer. I will make sure we get a water taxi ride.

Marla said...

Great post! We absolutely love Bricktown.