Sunday, February 27, 2011


Dr. Lobo turned sixty-six today, and we celebrated the event in our usual low-key way. That means we didn’t do much more than we usually do on Sundays, which is very little.

We went to Hideaway Pizza for supper, however, accompanied by Little Guy. When I referred to Dr. Lobo as the Birthday Boy, our waitress brought him a very large, warm chocolate chip cookie, with chocolate drizzled over it. I was happy that it turned out that way. If Hideaway had been one of those obnoxious places where the wait staff sings Happy Birthday to the celebrant, I would have been in big trouble. Dr. Lobo does not like to be the center of attention in public places.


He has decided that this is the year for traveling along every mile of old Route 66. He is studying the atlas, which is one of his favorite things to do.


So we’ll be getting our kicks along Route 66 in the not-too-distant future. Sounds like a very good way to celebrate being sixty-six.

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Marla said...

Well, here's another happy belated! Love the travel idea. We have talked about doing the very same thing.