Saturday, February 5, 2011

How I Survived the Blizzard of 2011

Well, I think we’ve survived. The snow has taken a short break, but the roads are still snow packed and slippery. Except for those unfortunate souls who have to work, only the hardy or foolish are venturing forth. But I’m hopeful that we’ve survived the worst of it.

It’s been brutally cold, with some wind chill temperatures considerably below zero. Even with our reliable floor furnace working its little heart out, it’s been hard to keep this nearly one hundred year old house warm. To keep the pipes from freezing, we’ve run heaters and kept the faucets dripping. Even so, pipes under the house froze, and the sinks could not drain. Water from dripping faucets accumulates at a surprising pace, so we have bailed gallons of water.

Sharing our space with the cats has been like living with teenage girls who have been grounded. They’re used to coming and going as they please, and they complain frequently and loudly about this forced confinement.

We’ve developed a few coping techniques, however. Here are my suggestions for surviving a blizzard.

Wear several layers of clothing and get under a blanket or two. It’s especially important to keep your feet warm.

Eat plenty of warm comfort food and hope that you don’t gain ten pounds from the excess of hot chocolate and banana bread and the absence of exercise.

Entertain yourself with a marathon of some kind. (We’re watching Mad Men. You may choose something more active.)

Keep at least one cat on your lap at all times.

We’ve done well coping with the weather, but we’re beginning to face a new problem. In Oklahoma, snow and ice usually melt away within a couple of days, so we’re not used to being snowbound this long. I’m finding it a bit challenging to live with Dr. Lobo 24/7. I think we’ve survived the blizzard, but if I don’t get out of this house soon, I’m not sure our marriage will survive.


Joan said...

I feel your pain! The temp has just inched above freezing and we are making big, big plans to get out!

I love how you compared the cats to teenage girls. Our cats are indoor boys, but the corgi sisters are indoor/outdoor dogs who had a hard time with the single digit days.

Deanna said...

I haven't left the house since last Sunday. I must say, that after a couple of days I wasn't terribly disappointed to see the guys go off to work. My husband can get out in his truck but my little Prius isn't very snow-worthy. I don't mind being at home but I'd sure like to be able to get outside. Come on, Springtime!

Ninny said...

Oh, if we could turn back time! I'd have the snow fall in January, then we'd be done with it by now! I saw robins just the other day, and the chicken who has adopted our neighborhood as her new home, is still pecking about in the snow as if it's a minor inconvenience. It's a big inconvenience for me, being housebound with a sick husband, but the month of March and Spring is on its way nonetheless, and I can see my future holds sunshine in between the hopping tornados that warmer weather will bring. Ahh, Oklahoma, how I love your weather!

Stay warm!
Liz (aka, Ninny)

drlobojo said...

Last Saturday it was 78 degree in my yard. Short shorts and halter tops running around in WalMart. By Tuesday -20 degrees wind chill. This Saturday it was 7 degrees this morning and 48 degrees this afternoon. Tonight it will all re-freeze and it is starting to snow again as another Arctic Lobe falls in from the NW. The humidity has never gotten below 70%. The wind has been a constant until today, sometimes as high as 60 mph.
Guess what, this absolutely the result Global Warming. The warming oceans have finally broken up the high latitude Jet Stream and that opened the door to the Arctic Lobes. So my dear Okie Book Woman, we are now in a different world where extremes are the norm. Oh wait, that's the norm for Oklahoma. OK, everybody else is in a different world and ours is just a little bit worse/better?

Gwendolyn Hooks said...

I spent hours on CNN's travel site looking at European castles that are now hotels. My fav is in the Czech Republic and it's only $50 a night. What a deal! Remember that when you get your passport.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I like winter. I like snow. But I'd just as soon the weather guys be wrong about this coming week!

Jill of All Trades said...

Love the kitty-kats. We had four for 17 years and miss the lap time. Now we have little Clayton who has taken the roll of lap dog! I'm so ready for the snow to LEAVE! Bring on the spring.

Marla said...

I have to say, this post actually made me miss the snow. At least we had some water around here when the snow melted, right? :-)

Athen Baxter said...

I like your cat.