Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

This is a sing-it-yourself post.

Happy Birthday to me,

I'm now 63.

My joints all ache,

So bring me some cake!

(Chocolate, of course.)

(For a more creative birthday post, read last year's entry for July 24th here. Some birthdays--and writing days--are better than others, and this year I'm taking it easy. You can also take a look at the blog entry Dr. Lobo wrote for me here. Although I'm not exactly pleased with some of the photos he posted, I appreciate the sentiment and his attempt to take up the slack for me this year.)



Oklahoma Granny said...

Hope your day is filled with all your favorite things! Happy, happy birthday to you. (Still wish I could have thrown you that princess party you wanted.

Carol said...

Happy happy birthday!

drlobojo said...

OK, OK, Ill get you a choclate cake.

smeade said...

Happy Birthday, Jeannie! Wow those pics of you on Dr. Lobo's blog are so beautiful. I can hear the stories through all of them. I hope your day was superb and he bought you some chocolate cake!

Marla said...

I am way belated on my birthday wishes however I still wish them for the entire year for you. :-)