Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going Bananas

When even the bananas start stripping, you know it’s too dang hot. I walked into my kitchen and discovered these bananas jumping out of their skins. They look downright suicidal, don’t they?

Some companies seem to be taking drastic measures to make sure their bananas stay decently covered. When I saw this recently, I thought Del Monte was going too far, but now that I’ve seen bananas exposing themselves in my own home, I’m thinking it might actually be an appropriate strategy.

Still, who could blame the bananas? Take a look at our weather forecast. And Oklahoma’s humidity makes sure we’re not just hot, but suffering.






6-10 Day

Mostly Clear

Mostly Sunny




Extended Forecast

High: 101°

Low: 77°

High: 102°

Low: 76°

High: 105°

Low: 78°

High: 103°

Low: 78°

High: 103°

Low: 77°


Every summer, Dr. Lobo asks me why we stay in Oklahoma during July and August. I have no intelligent answer to this question, as the heat has fried what’s left of my aging brain. All I know for sure is that right now, we’re going bananas!


drlobojo said...

This reminds me of a joke my father loved.

"The proprietor of the general store needed to go to the bank.
Problem was he was all by himself his help and his wife were all down with the flu.
As he was standing on the porch of his store he saw one of his customers walking down the street.
The man was from a far piece up the hollow by honest and reliable.
He called him over and asked him to watch his store for 10 minute while he ran down the street to the bank. Now the proprietor had just got in a shipment of bananas. Like they did back in those days the bananas were hanging from a porch beam on the big stem upon which they grew and were out on there on the porch for all to see.
Grateful that the fellow was going to help him out, he told him he could eat all the bananas he wanted while he was gone. These were real big fruit back then and he figure he couldn't too many of the anyway.
When the store owner came back from the bank the fellow was sitting on the porch and all around him were a dozen freshly peeled bananas laying in the dirt.
He didn't even know what to ask the fellow. Finally he said, didn't you like the bananas.
Oh, yes, I surely did, but danged if they weren't almost all cob."

I heard that joke a hundred times and my dad was laughing so hard each time he told it, that he never even noticed I wasn't.

Joan said...

Do what I did today, go to a baseball game and sit outside for 3plus hours. That was fun!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Our forecast looks the same. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of indoor activities this week. Try to stay cool!

Marla said...

I had to laugh at the bananas jumping out of their skins because they did the same thing at our house this last summer.