Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Memories: Some Are Better Than Others

Christmas at our house has not always been as peaceful or joyful as the images we see on those lovely Christmas cards. Oh, sure, there have been occasional, isolated holy moments, and I cherish the memory of those times. But our Christmases have also included times of depression, disappointment, and anger.


One year, just before sitting down for Christmas dinner, our behavior was even more dysfunctional than usual. Dr. Lobo and I snapped at each other as we placed food on the table. The kids quarreled. We all exchanged glares.

Since none of us felt grateful at the moment, we then argued over who had to say the prayer. Little Guy, who was probably six or seven, finally volunteered for the job.

“Dear God, thank you for the things we like about our family," he prayed. "Have a nice Christmas, whatever You do up there on Christmas.”


We laughed. Our moods lifted, and we celebrated Christmas with love, warm feelings, and kindness toward each other.


On the page where I recorded that incident, so many years ago, I wrote, “Sometimes he brings a lot of healing to people. I’m glad we had him!”


Indeed, Little Guy has brought healing to others throughout the years. He has a gentle, forgiving, and kind heart. I am so grateful for his presence in my life this season.


This year I’m especially thankful for the healers—people who bring much needed humor to difficult situations, friends who listen without judgment, folks who say words that soothe hurts and calm fears.


And I hope God is having a nice Christmas, whatever God does up there on Christmas.



Oklahoma Granny said...

I think those "not-so-perfect" Christmas moments are probably more common than one thinks. Your little guy's prayer was beautiful in its simplicity. Christmas blessings to you and your family!

Marla said...

Wonderful post!

This has been a difficult Christmas for me. I barely did the barelys. Then a few days ago, I decided to bake Christmas cookies with two of my grands, Ahni & Mikey, who are both 6 years smart. While baking and singing along with the Christmas Carols playing in the background, Ahni asked who the carols were about. When I said, "Jesus," she and Mikey began to expound on the goodness of Jesus and how much He loves us even when we are bad or "stupid" with the things we do. Of course, I cried and thanked Jesus for children who are so much smarter than me.

Merry Christmas!!

Okie Book Woman said...

Thanks, Oklahoma Granny and Marla! I appreciate your comments. Our celebrations are as imperfect as we are, but somehow those wonderful Christmas moments come to us anyway. Often it's our children who lead us to greater understanding.

Hope you both had a good Christmas. I think those of us in Oklahoma will remember this white Christmas for a long time!

Melinda said...

I try as much as possible to get what the little ones see. That's what its all about. Grown ups can be so...grown up..

Cindy Downes said...

Love your Cat on the computer - so funny! I'm a cat fan, too! I have 3 of them.