Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Benner House Bed and Breakfast

Last week Dr. Lobo and I took a short but pleasant trip to Weston, Missouri, a small town near Kansas City. It's on the Lewis & Clark trail, which is how we discovered it a few years ago. (Dr. Lobo is a Lewis & Clark enthusiast, so we have traveled across the country looking at all the sites.)
The idea for this trip was born when Dr. Lobo drank the last of a whiskey called B.J. Holladay's Private Keep. He needed to pick up a few more bottles at the McCormick Country Store in Weston. After we made travel plans, he learned that the distillery no longer makes this particular whiskey. He is not a big drinker, but he likes what he likes, so let me just say he was NOT HAPPY. For details, see his blog post about it. (Go to www.lobojosden.blogspot.com and find the June 3rd post.)

He was ready to call off the trip, but by that time, I had started to like the idea of a Bed & Breakfast adventure and I'd made reservations. I said we were going anyway, whiskey or no whiskey.

We stayed two nights in a neat old house. The Benner Home was built in 1898 by George Shawhan, who owned what is now known as the McCormick Distillery. In the early 1900s, Charles Benner bought the home. It remained in his family until 1986, when it was converted to a Bed & Breakfast.

The owners, Sheri and Mitch, have created a wonderful place to relax. Sheri is a great cook. She’s also talented at being friendly and available as needed, while remaining unobtrusive. For more information about the Benner House Bed & Breakfast, go here.

Would you like a tour? Here's the house from the street.

Come closer.

I love this huge porch. The days were warm, but the evenings were cooler and we enjoyed sitting on the porch. (Until the mosquitoes discovered us. Hey, no place is perfect!)

This was one of my favorite rooms in the house. With all those windows, I bet it's wonderfully sunny in the winter time.

Here is the dining room, where we ate with the other guests. On our first morning there, Sheri served delicious French toast. On the second day, we ate her homemade quiche and cinnamon rolls. Ummmmm!

In this room, we could always find coffee and tea, along with snacks such as Sheri's homemade scones. I've eaten scones in the past and not been particularly impressed, but hers were excellent.

Outside was nice, too.

I spent a very pleasant hour in this pool.

Weston is located in a pretty area, as you can see. Its downtown is about two blocks long.
It has some interesting antique and gift shops. It also has an Asian clothing store in which I spent entirely too much money.

On the way to Weston and on our return trip, we stopped at several antique stores and found a few treasures.
Oh, and Dr. Lobo came home with half a dozen bottles of whiskey from the McCormick Country Store. He thinks they'll be a reasonable substitute for his old favorite.


drlobojo said...

Ten bottles it was actually, six of McCormick's Gold Lable, two of the Platte Valley Corn Whiskey, and two of their Irish Cream.

Rechelle said...

I LOVE WESTON! This post made me want to visit that sweet little town right now! We stayed at the Lemon Tree once. It was wonderful. The owner stuffed us so much that she had to roll us out the door.

My brother-in-law (one of many) is a truck driver for that distillery. He hauls loads of whiskey to Texas and back. Sounds like a C and W song to me!

Gwendolyn said...

I love B&Bs. And that one looks great, especially the pool.

And tell Dr. Lobo I understand how he felt about the whiskey. I found a great bottle of chilean wine. Went back (to the liquor store) for more and it was all gone. :(