Saturday, August 28, 2010

From THE Sixties to OUR Sixties

I’m one of the old ladies in this photo. Not much to look at, are we?


The five of us met at the University of Oklahoma during the sixties. These women were some of my closest friends, and they were part of my wedding, forty-three long years ago. We were all considerably cuter—and thinner—then.

After college, we scattered, ending up in three different states. Although we saw each other occasionally, forty years passed before we were all together in one place again.

Two years ago we held a reunion at Margie’s beautiful Colorado mountain home. For most of four days, we talked almost nonstop, causing us to name our gathering “Gabfest 2008.” At the end of our time together, we vowed to reunite every year for as long as possible.


Gabfest 2009 was as wonderful as the original reunion had been. Last week we came together for Gabfest 2010, and once again the magic happened. Being with these ladies renews my energy and soothes my spirit. (And being in Margie’s gorgeous house is really cool, too.)

Friends from that long ago are special. They knew you when you were young, with all your naïve opinions and immature behavior. They know your history—your dreams, disappointments, challenges, broken relationships, and triumphs.

The five of us have a total of over three hundred years of life experience, and we’ve gained some wisdom along the way. We’ve grown in compassion, tolerance, and understanding. Our senses of humor developed over time as well. We’re more fun as old broads than we were as college girls.

From the sixties to our sixties, we’ve changed. We’re not much to look at these days, but we’re very interesting women. I like us better now.


Joan said...

What a wonderful tradition you gals have started. To gather in such a lovely place must be inspiring.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I remember reading about your Gabfest last year.

tammi sauer said...

You are blessed. :)

Okie Book Woman said...

Yes, I am indeed blessed! I am so grateful.

Marla said...

This is so neat. There is nothing that compares to the love of old friends. It is priceless.