Thursday, February 11, 2010


Once again, Dr. Lobo is my hero. Yesterday afternoon he was standing in the driveway when he heard yowling that sounded familiar.
The house across the street has been empty for a while. Both Dr. Lobo and Little Guy looked there multiple times in the last week, but found no signs of Hektor. But apparently yesterday Hektor spotted Dr. Lobo and yowled for attention.
Hektor had managed to get into the house, apparently from the basement, but then got trapped inside. Dr. Lobo followed the noise, discovered the cat, and rescued him. (Good job, Dr. Lobo!)
Fortunately, Hektor is an excellent mouser, and water was available in the toilet. Although he was traumatized, he seems to be in great shape other than being a bit skittish. I don't think he'll be trying to get on any of those reality TV survivor shows. He's had enough of that nonsense.
We called Little Guy at work and gave him the good news. A few hours later, this was the joyful reunion.

Take a look at that cute face. Isn't he wonderful? (And doesn't my kid have gorgeous hair?)

We are so relieved! (And no, his sibling cats aren't so thrilled by his reappearance, but they'll adjust.)


Joan said...

I am so glad you found him!

We had a similar experience a few years ago. We moved and thought the cat had run off while we were loading up. We could not find Tater anywhere. Girls were devastated. We returned to the old house week later to clean and Tater was in the house! He was skinny and scared. But he was alive.

Pastor Kathy said...

I love happy endings!

Deanna said...

Oh, I am so happy for you! A few months ago our 14 year old cat managed to escape the house and was gone over 24 hours. We live out in the country with a lot of wildlife and we were just certain he was gone. What rejoicing there was when he showed back up again. Enjoy your special friend.

Oklahoma Granny said...

That is one of the best pieces of news I've heard all week! So glad Hektor is back.

Your son does has beautiful hair. I envy anyone with thick, wavy hair.

Melinda said...

I knew it!!! Good job!!! HOOOORAHHHH!!!!!!!

Susan York Meyers said...

Hopefully he's figured out a life of adventure isn't for him!

God bless,
author of The Princess and the Pee