Monday, September 28, 2009

A Wedding in Memphis

Dr. Lobo and I recently drove to Memphis for our nephew Heath's wedding.

This was one of the most ecumenical weddings I've ever attended. Planning it must have offered good practice at making compromises, as Erin is Catholic and Heath was raised as a Southern Baptist. Heath wanted a Nazarene preacher friend to take part in the wedding--not easy to arrange in a Catholic church. But they found a priest who was agreeable, and the priest and preacher shared duties during the wedding.

Here are a few shots from the wedding (taken from a pew, which explains why a lot of these scenes are tilted). The church was really beautiful, and of course the bride and groom and all their attendants were gorgeous.

The best man, Heath's "little" brother (well, younger anyway), escorted the mothers down the aisle. He's six feet nine inches tall. (And we thought OUR sons were tall!)

The reception was held in the old Daisy Theater on Beale Street, which was a fascinating place.

Although they had a traditional wedding cake, they also had this cake. (Heath is getting his doctorate in environmental science and he studies ducks.)

We're glad we were able to be part of the celebration, and we wish them many happy years together.

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