Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forty Plus Years of Friendship

The five of us have been friends since our freshman year of college at the University of Oklahoma, 1965-1966. Those intense college years were filled with fun, drama, crisis, romance, heartbreak, pizza, late night conversations, studying, arguments, pranks, and laughter.

After graduation, our lives moved in different directions. Eventually we settled in three different states--two in Colorado, one in California, and two in Oklahoma. Years passed without much contact between us, other than Christmas cards and occasional short visits.

In September 2008 we decided it was time for a reunion. (Margie and Jeanette hadn’t seen each other in nearly forty years!) Weagreed upon a date, and we converged on Margie’s beautiful Colorado mountain home. We called it Gabfest 2008 and took turns telling stories of our lives since college. At the end of several days together, we agreed that we would spend a few days together each year for as long as we can.

Gabfest 2009 was another huge success. There’s something special about being with friends who knew you when you were young and foolish. As old broads, we’re more fun and much wiser now. There is no pretense among us. We are who we are, and that’s just fine. As much as I loved my friends during our college days, I love them even more now.

Thanks for an awesome time, Gabfesters. I can hardly wait until Gabfest 2010.

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drlobojo said...

The air up there sure do look t h i n .