Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Degree!

We’ve been in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, celebrating Sweet Girl’s graduation from LSU, which explains why I haven’t posted in a while. She has completed her second master’s degree, a Master’s in Library and Information Science. It’s been a grueling two years.

I’m happy to report that LSU handled graduation in a civilized manner. Instead of having to endure a ceremony with thousands of people (where I might not even have found my daughter in the crowd), academic departments had small ceremonies throughout the day.

The graduates had to get there early for picture-taking. It always takes a while to figure out how to wear those hoods.

Here are some of the graduates waiting for everyone to get organized for the group picture.

This looks like a happy (though exhausted) group. Notice the special graduate? She’s a seeing-eye-dog for a blind student from Mongolia.

Gladys posed for all the photographers. It’s been a grueling two years for her, too.

Sweet Girl made some good friends at LSU.

Sweet Girl’s sweet husband encouraged her through the hard times. He’s proud of her, too.

It’s nice to have that diploma.

The next step? Finding a job. This will not be as easy as it would have been a year ago, before we figured out that we’re in a recession. But we’re hopeful.
Congratulations, Sweet Girl! Your mom and dad are proud of you.