Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cast of Characters

Here are the characters I'll be referring to in my blog.

Dr. Lobo: I’ve been married to Dr. Lobo since 1967, when I was too young to know better. Although he started out as a tall, very skinny guy, he’s now a tall, big man, and a big part of my life.

Sweet Girl: My daughter, who is all grown up and married, but still my little girl. She's way too much like me, but different in many ways, too. (She's the organized one in our family.)

The cat's name is Percival, or Percy. He's bigger now, and an excellent cat.

The Writer: My brilliant and funny son-in-law, who is, of course, a writer. He makes Sweet Girl very happy. Like everybody else in our family, he loves books. (The photo shows only a fraction of the books they own.) Wild Child: My older son, who was a wild child growing up, getting into everything and constantly testing the limits. However, he has turned out to be an amazing young man and a fine husband. Here he is all dressed up on his wedding day. He cleans up really well.

The Blonde: My wonderful daughter-in-law, who is smart enough and strong enough to enjoy being married to Wild Child. She's a good photographer, too.

Little Guy: My younger son. Okay, so he isn’t little anymore. In fact, he’s the tallest person in my family, at about 6’3” or 4.” He’s one of the kindest people I know, and certainly one of the most unusual. Usually his nose is buried in the type of book that only a very bright person can understand, but on this occasion he was enjoying a bit of light reading. (After years of reading to my children, I still enjoy having one of them read to me.)

The Singer: My best friend forever. We've been friends since our college days, a long, long time ago. She has a beautiful voice, and she sang for my wedding to Dr. Lobo, my daughter's wedding, and my mother's memorial service. Her heart is even more beautiful than her voice. This photo was taken about five years ago. I look older now, but The Singer still looks the same.

I hope you enjoy reading about these folks. I think they're all quite fascinating!


drlobojo said...

You left out the cats and junior too.
Maybe they are for another blog, eh?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all of your blog, especially the part about your family. It is nice to hear about you and yours. Now, you must understand that this is from a person who has stated numerous times, "I don't read blogs!" I like all of your thoughts on the title of the blog, in contrast to Drlobojo! What does he know??? And I must diagree on one point; you are VERY creative!

Anonymous said...

What an ensemble! :)

Anonymous said...

What fun!!!! I strongly resisted getting "hooked" on this Blog Addiction you so readily admit to. Now I will be sitting at my computer ANOTHER hour a day. It is all YOUR fault! Bringing joy to my life is your specialty! 40 years filled with every emotion immaginable, but laughter is our specialty. Congratulations, Okie Book Woman, on a very entertaining Blogspot. Love, She who delayed the inevitable and is now your blogger buddy.